Running a data center certainly isn’t what it used to be. Besides operating in the ever-evolving world of technology where advancements are made every day, managers must also take into account factors such as power supply, equipment cooling, space limitations, and more. Sounds like enough to make your head spin, right?

Truth be told, these aren’t even the biggest issues that the operations and infrastructure personnel have to deal with. According to, there are far more pressing concerns at hand; here are three of the issues they identify as the most problematic.

Energy Efficiency

Over the past decade, data centers as a whole have taken a lot of heat for the amount of electricity they consume. According to the United States Department of Energy, data centers use 100-200 times more energy than the average commercial building, or about 2% of the entire country’s electricity consumption. There is good news, however: in the same report, the DOE states that inefficient data centers can reduce their energy usage by up to 80% just by making a few simple changes.

If you are in charge of running a data center, one of the biggest ways to make your facility more energy-efficient is through the use of power meters and submeters. You can identify inefficiencies by looking at the historical data, and develop and implement power-saving programs to help reduce your carbon footprint. You can keep using these power meters to track your program’s progress over time and continue to make improvements.

Downtime Prevention

System failures happen on a daily basis around the country, which is why it is important to have a proactive approach in order to avoid costly downtime. With a power quality analyzer from Electro Industries/GaugeTech, your business can be prepared. Our meters let you set alarms for conditions such as voltage drops, instantly sending emails to multiple users so you can respond to the issue in a timely manner. With our meters’ extensive memory capacity, you can perform a detailed forensics analysis on any problems that do occur, helping to prevent them in the future.

Real-Time Reporting

If your decision-making is reliant on data that is days, weeks, or even months old, you are doing a disservice to yourself and your data center. In a world where workloads and energy consumption change by the minute, it is important to have access to this data in real-time. This not only allows you to reduce energy costs, but also optimize your power loads and improve overall system performance.

If you need an accurate, reliable power monitoring system for your data center, Electro Industries/GaugeTech has you covered. EIG has been manufacturing high-quality energy meters, submeters, and power quality analyzers since 1975. For 40 years, organizations around the world have trusted us with their power monitoring needs. We have installed hundreds of thousands of our meters across the globe for some of the world’s biggest utility companies, militaries, and government agencies. Visit our website for more information or speak with one of our trained associates by calling 866-928-7908.