The cellular infrastructure that is required in order to support 3G technology will soon be shut down. Cellular companies have made the decision to phase out their 2G and 3G networks in favor of newer 4G LTE™ communication. Recently, these companies have become more aggressive in pursuing this goal. Verizon has already announced a complete shutdown of their 3G network by the end of the 2019 calendar year. This is following last year’s termination of activating new 2G cards. Other carriers are likely to follow suit, with expected shutdown dates as early as 2020.

There are a few different reasons that carriers have chosen to do away with 2G and 3G. One main reason is that the elimination of 2G and 3G networks is more cost effective for cellular companies. In addition, more users and devices can connect onto the LTE™ network than onto 3G networks. Another reason is that it will allow the networks to shift their focus to further improving 4G LTE™ technology. Without having to manage the 2G and 3G cellular infrastructure, they can put more time into making 4G LTE™ communication more efficient and reliable, as well as increasing its overall speed for all users. The good news is that the elimination of 3G is advantageous for 4G LTE™ users.

The Shark® 270 Underglass Socket Revenue Meter has 4G LTE™ internal wireless communication that is certified by Verizon Wireless. Along with its numerous other features, the Shark® 270’s 4G LTE™ implementation is an extremely valuable resource for metering:

  1. More Cost Effective. 4G LTE™ technology is not only more cost-effective for cellular companies but for you as well. Using the Shark® 270 Underglass 4G LTE™ Wireless Cellular Communication allows a direct replacement for costly AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure).
  2. Faster Speed. The 4G LTE™ network already runs much faster than both 3G and networks connected to Wi-Fi. Once 3G goes away, the 4G LTE™ communication speed will become even quicker. This high-speed capability allows you to program meters and download data faster than ever before.
  3. Easier Access for the User. There will be no need for a 2G or 3G port, or a connection to Wi-Fi, thus eliminating an extra point of access that is otherwise necessary. This increases the ease of programming the meter, fixing issues, and overall use.
  4. More Cyber-Secure. Not needing a 2G or 3G port eliminates an extra point of access that could potentially be hacked. This fact, combined with the Shark® 270 being one of the most Cyber secure meters available, increases its protection against malicious users. Securely communicate using virtual private network infrastructures on the 4G LTE™ network.
  5. Long-Term Usage. With 2G and 3G LTE being phased out, 4G LTE™ communication is your best option for long-term usability as well as reliability. 4G technology will be a primary option for many years to come. Combined with its cost-effective nature, this new technology makes a great long-term option.

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