Submetering has become an increasingly popular practice in multi-family buildings, but it is still underutilized. When you submeter your building, everyone wins, from the property owner all the way down to the tenants that live there. Here are just three of the many reasons to consider submetering your property.

Save Money, Energy, and the Environment

This is really three reasons in one. By submetering your building, you are able to quickly and easily identify areas of inefficiency. Once these areas are identified, you can develop and implement programs to cut back on your energy consumption. Saving energy not only saves you money, it helps save the environment. Reducing your carbon footprint is a good way to promote your building in a positive light and potentially attract new tenants.

Predict and Prevent Mechanical Failures

Insights into energy consumption can go much further than simple adjustments to operations. Submetering individual pieces of equipment is a smart way to make sure that everything is operating properly. If one machine is consuming twice the amount of energy as the others, your maintenance team can investigate why. Chances are, they can identify a potential issue before it becomes too problematic.

Fair Utility Billing for Tenants

Equal is not fair. When they don’t have a method of measuring the energy consumption of individual units, many property owners split the bill evenly amongst their tenants. Why should a long-distance truck driver who is never home pay the same amount as a family of four when they only use a fraction of the energy? Submetering eliminates this problem, and also gives your tenants an extra incentive to reduce their energy usage.

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