3 Simple Ways Shopping Malls Can Reduce Energy Consumption | Electro Industries

Did you know most retail buildings (shopping malls) consume $20 billion or more in energy every single year? Although that’s quite an astonishing statistic, what’s even more alarming is that these costs could be reduced by $3 billion a year by making just a few simple changes and being a bit more cautious. See below to find out 3 ways shopping malls can reduce energy consumption with very little effort:

  1. Increase Awareness of Energy Consumption Through Submetering: it’s difficult to cut back on energy consumption if you’re unaware of how much you’re using in the first place. Submeters can help you keep close tabs on the amount of energy the shopping mall is using which can promote the conscientious use of energy and yield savings of up to 15%.

  2. Identify Areas Where Energy Savings Can Be Attained: a few common areas often noted to be inefficient include common areas, HVAC systems, food courts and more. One you have submeters installed, you’ll be able to easily identify these areas and come up with a plan for specific loads or individual tenants.

  3. Implement Energy Reduction Programs and Monitor Progress: for several years, the U.S. Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) has issued energy savings guidelines that include the implementation of submetering with energy tracking and reporting, and the formalization of energy goals and processes. Every shopping mall owner and tenant must be engaged to take advantage of energy management and energy efficiency initiatives.

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