It may not be a surprise to most of you that the United States in among the leading energy consumers in the world. What might be a bit surprising though, is that we’re also one of the top energy wasters in the world. Back in 2013, the United States only had an efficiency rating of 42% which means that 58% of the energy we produced went to waste. See more of the alarming facts, below:

5 Alarming Facts About Energy Waste in the U.S. That Will Make You Cringe | Electro Industries

  1. Vampire energy is among the leading causes of energy waste in the United States. It accounts for nearly 10% of a home energy bill any given month. Remember to unplug your devices when they’re not in use!

  2. Large appliances continue to use roughly 85% of the energy they use while they’re on, even when they’re left in standby mode. Adding to that stat, the average U.S. household leaves 7 – 9 appliances in standby mode every single day.

  3. If the U.S. switched over entirely to LED light bulbs over the next 20 years, the nation could save nearly $250 billion and avoid nearly 1,800 million metric tons of carbon emissions.

  4. Lots of the energy waste comes from throwing electronic devices away. Each year, Americans throw away almost 50 million tons of old computers, televisions, stereos and mobile devices.

  5. Businesses and industrial facilities can make a huge impact by making a few minor adjustments. Small changes like limiting the time air conditioners run, installing smart meters to monitor energy consumption and turning off computers and printers can help save millions of dollars each year.

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