Business automation systems (also known as BASs) are a powerful way to automate many important processes for a business, but they can’t do everything.

Specifically, business automation systems tend to come up short in terms of energy consumption data and analysis. Here are some specific examples of what your BAS can’t do – that an energy management system can.

#1). A business automation system does not provide detailed energy consumption data.

You know how much energy your facility consumes as a whole, but do you know what specific equipment is responsible for most of it? An energy management system can pinpoint your energy usage data, allowing you to identify and eliminate areas of inefficiency.

#2). A business automation system can’t provide real-time alerts.

The power quality analysis tools available from Electro Industries are designed to ensure that you are receiving a reliable stream of power from your utility provider. If anything goes wrong, you will receive an e-mail alert instantly, helping prevent downtime and the lost revenue associated with it.

#3). A business automation system can’t validate your utility bills.

Accidents happen – even with your utility company. If there is even a small error in their data, you could wind up being overcharged and paying for energy that you didn’t use. An energy management system provides you with benchmark data that you can use to make sure you are being fairly billed.

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Where your business automation system fails, the energy management software solutions from Electro Industries are there to step in and meet your needs. EIG has been a worldwide leader in the power monitoring industry for more than 40 years, with hundreds of thousands of instruments sold and installed around the world. Visit our website to see what we can do for you, or give us a call at (866) 928-7908.