An energy management system – also known as an EMS – uses a series of interconnected meters and computers to monitor, control, and optimize the power consumption of your company.

Due to the high costs of energy, corporations all over the world are utilizing energy management systems to save money and reduce their carbon footprint. Take a look at just some of the types of businesses that are using EMSs in today’s world:

  • Data Centers. The average data center takes 200% more energy to operate than typical office space. The more power that a data center consumes, the greater potential for savings.

  • Hospitals & Healthcare Facilities. Between office equipment, heating and cooling, kitchen appliances, and high-tech medical instruments, United States healthcare facilities are estimated to spend upwards of $6.5 billion per year on energy costs alone.

  • Schools & Universities. If you have been on a college campus, you can imagine how much energy it takes to keep one running. Educational facilities all over the world are turning to energy management systems to improve sustainability and reduce operating costs.

  • Shopping Malls. Shopping malls are massive spaces that require massive amounts of energy to operate. Luckily, they are learning how to reduce their energy consumption due to the smart use of EMSs.

  • Factories. According the U.S. Department of Energy, factories and industrial plants account for one-third of the country’s energy use, costing more than $200 billion each year. They believe that by simply limiting energy waste, factories can reduce their power consumption by up to 20% – equivalent to 40 billion dollars in savings.

  • Multi-Use Buildings. Between the high costs of energy and the government initatives available for saving energy, residential and commercial multi-purpose buildings are beginning to jump on the EMS bandwagon.

  • And More! There is no limit on the types of businesses that can benefit from an energy management system. No matter your company size, location, or industry, you can cut operating costs and boost your profit margin with the correct use of an EMS.

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