If you are a commercial property owner, you know that finding quality tenants is no small task. Fortunately, there are certain building features that do a better job attracting tenants than others. Knowing these features and implementing them to your property gives you an advantage when it comes to finding and signing good tenants.

Here are the five building features that corporate tenants seem to covet:

1. Fitness facility.

With the new trend of investing in employee wellness, it is no surprise to see a fitness facility make this list. Gym-goers love the convenience of having their workout facility in the same place as their work because it saves them travel, time, and the cost of a gym membership!

2. Child care center.

In many households, a parent is not always available to look after their child during normal work hours. If your facility has a child care center, this won’t be an issue for your potential employees.

3. Easy access to public transportation.

If your property is in close proximity to a subway line or bus stop, consider it a win – especially in metropolitan areas where many people don’t own cars.

4. Cafeteria or communal kitchen.

Eating is a necessary part of survival, and it should be a key feature in your corporate property. Whether you have a communal kitchen for tenants to make their own food, or a cafeteria where they can purchase cooked meals, people will be happy that they don’t have to leave their office for a bite to eat.

5. Green features and technologies.

Sustainability is one of the fastest-growing trends in the country – capitalize on it by adding green features and technologies to your property. Tenants are attracted to LEED-certified buildings because it saves them money on energy costs while also protecting the environment.

Looking for an easy way to go green? A good first step is installing power monitoring equipment in your facility. This will track your energy consumption and help you pinpoint areas of weakness. Once you have this information, you can design and implement power-saving programs to help your building reduce its carbon footprint.

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