4 DIY Projects That Can Help You Save BIG This Fall | Electro Industries

Cooler temperatures are on their way as we’re officially in the midst of fall. That means it’s time to find new ways to save energy in order to keep utility bills down as much as possible. Contrary to popular belief, there are lots of small projects most homeowners can conquer in a few hours or less that will really make a difference this season. See below to get started!

  1. Insulate Ducts: it’s very simply and inexpensive to add insulation around ductwork. All you need is a few rolls of fiberglass insulation and some electrical tape or string to tie it together. This will help prevent air from leaking and make sure it’s delivered to the desired areas of the house.

  2. Turn Off The Lights: this one is surprisingly simple, but surprisingly effective. Turn things off when they’re not in use. This includes lights, appliances and electronic devices of all shapes and sizes.

  3. Close Closet Doors: we don’t necessarily recommend closing off certain rooms or areas of the house, but it is a good idea to keep closet doors shut. Why? It lowers the square footage that your heating system needs to heat which can save you upwards of $50 per year.

  4. Time Is Of The Essence: keep track of when you tend to use electricity most often. Remember, using it during off-peak times can really save you a fortune. Washing clothes and dishes at night is highly recommended.

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