Meet The Founder: Sam Kagan | Electro Industries

Engineer. Inventor. Entrepreneur. These are just a few words that describe our incredible founder, Sam Kagan. It was back in 1975 when it all started – when Sam realized the need for an affordable, easy-to-use AC power meter system and it didn’t stop there!

Sam believed that this industry needed a solid state meter that could communicate data, and provide engineers the ability to make power management decisions, and most engineers in the industry couldn’t agree more. He went out and made that an industry reality. With early DOS software and microprocessor-based meters released as early as 1979, his inventions were, and are incorporated worldwide.

He was known by power meter users for his keen understanding of three-phase power systems. Users would call all day, not just for power meters, but also for questions on anything related to power systems. Sam Kagan helped thousands of users solve energy dilemmas and improve the reliability of their electrical power.

More than 40 years later, Electro Industries/GaugeTech, the Leader In Power Monitoring and Smart Grid Solutions, continues to revolutionize the industry with the highest quality, cutting edge power monitoring and control technology on the market today.

An ISO 9001:2000 certified company, EIG sets the industry standard for advanced power quality and reporting, revenue metering and substation data acquisition and control. EIG’s products can be found on-site at virtually all of today’s leading manufacturers, industrial giants and utilities.

Electro Industries specializes in power meters and smart grid solutions that excel at revenue grade energy measurement, power quality and advanced telemetry. Users worldwide depend on EIG power meters to monitor power information within substations, industrial facilities and commercial buildings. Give us a call at 866-928-7908 to learn more about our offerings and to find out how we can help saving you money today!