A lot of businesses are claiming that they want to “go green”, but only if it is a profitable endeavor. Many environmentally-friendly upgrades can be costly, but not all of them. Here are four inexpensive ways to improve your building’s sustainability.

Upgrade Inefficient Equipment
If your office is using old, outdated equipment, it could be costing you twice as much (or more) to run as modern substitutes. Take light bulbs for example – new LED bulbs cost about one-tenth of the money to operate as old incandescents. Obviously, it is not cost-effective to buy entirely new equipment for your whole office, but things such as light bulbs and the break room refrigerator could probably be stand to be upgraded.

Audit Your HVAC System
In most offices, heating and cooling is one of the biggest expenses – if not the biggest. What are you doing to lower your HVAC costs? Actions such as sealing air leaks, getting a tune up, changing your air filter, and upping your insulation can all help you save money.

Shut Down Before You Leave
How many of your lights, computers, and other electronic equipment continue to run overnight? Some of these devices – such as security cameras and servers – are required to run at all times, but do you really need an entire empty office to be well-lit? Shutting down your equipment before leaving for the day can save you more money than you realize. Take this a step further by unplugging from the wall – many devices drain power even when they are turned off.

Use Energy Monitoring
An energy management system can greatly improve your building’s sustainability by slashing wasted energy by up to 20%! The power meters and submeters from Electro Industries provide you with real time data about how much energy your facility is using. With this information, you can identify inefficiencies and develop power savings programs to reduce your overall electrical consumption.

Electro Industries has been a worldwide leader in power monitoring equipment for the past 40 years. Our energy management systems are installed in some of the world’s largest corporations, utility providers, and government entities. Browse our online selection of power meters, or give us a call at (866) 928-7908 to learn more.