When users around the world are in need of a simple yet comprehensive energy management software solution, they turn to EIG’s MeterManager EXT.

MeterManager EXT is a software service application that works hand-in-hand with our Communicator EXT software. It is essentially an automation engine for users to easily manage our meters from one central, convenient hub.

The MeterManager EXT software consists of four main components:

  1. Automated meter network connection. The software automatically finds and adds meters on a network by scanning compatible IP addresses.

  1. Organizes meters into groups. Group meters together by properties such as type, location, name, or any other desired method. Meter groups can be simultaneously viewed and managed for quick and efficient tasking.

  1. App launcher. Launch any applications associated with your meters such as Communicator, EnergyReporter, Log Viewer, and more.

  1. Multi-threaded data collector. Due to the software’s intelligent design, MeterManager EXT can collect data system-wide all while running in the background.

Some other reasons that users love MeterManager include:

  • Low learning curve. Get useful data without being a computer expert.

  • Meter health scans. Software automatically scans meters to ensure they are online and operating properly.

  • System health dashboard. See online/offline status reports in an easy-to-understand dashboard.

  • Automated email reporting. Automatically receive emails if there is a problem so that it can be resolved quickly.

  • Diagnostic reporting tools. Error logs, status logs, and much more allow for forensic analysis of system’s integrity.

  • Fully automated. MeterManager does all the work for you, so all you have to focus on is analyzing the collected data.

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