Electro Industries specializes in power meters and smart grid solutions that excel at revenue grade energy measurement, power quality analysis, and advanced telemetry. Users worldwide depend on EIG power meters to monitor power information, but that wasn’t always the case.

Take a look at our 40-year journey through this short timeline:

  • 1975: Engineer and inventor Samuel Kagan founded Electro Industries/GaugeTech with one goal in mind: to create the world’s first multifunction meters.

  • 1981: Just six years later, Samuel Kagan had accomplished what he set out to do. After countless hours of research and development, EIG released one of the world’s first micro-processor based meters. This affordable, easy-to-use AC power meter was truly a breakthrough innovation for the power monitoring industry.

  • 1996: Continuing to push the envelope and look for ways to revolutionize energy meters across the world, Electro Industries began work on one of the world’s first Ethernet power monitoring solutions.

  • Since: This year Electro Industries is celebrating our 40th year in business! A lot has changed since 1975, we now offer a full line of products and software to help businesses track, monitor, and manage their power consumption. We are a worldwide leader in power monitoring system, with hundreds of thousands of our energy meters and submeters being sold and installed across the world. We now have international sales offices and offer our customers more innovative products than ever before designed to meet their needs. We have accumulated a multitude of issued patents and trademarks, and that number will only continue to grow.

We want to thank our employees and customers – past, present, and future – for the continued growth and success of our company. We look forward to keeping the journey going and continuing to be a worldwide supplier of power monitoring equipment.

To learn more about Electro Industries/GaugeTech, or to purchase our meters for your business, click here to visit our website or call us at 866-928-7908.