If you help run a data center, you are likely aware of the high energy levels needed to keep everything running smoothly. According to the Federal Energy Management Program, the average data center requires 200% more energy to operate than a normal office space. Most of this energy goes to cooling equipment, server load, and other computing operations – all of which are vital for proper functioning and preventing costly downtime.

So how can a data center help cut costs and increase profitability without sacrificing their uptime? Through the use of advanced power monitoring. Electro Industries/GaugeTech manufactures high-quality energy meters which can help you:

  • Identify areas where energy savings can be attained. Our meters and submeters can accurately measure energy usage for your entire data center, or break it down by specific part. This will help you track your energy consumption and pinpoint areas where money can be saved.

  • Implement energy reduction programs and monitor their progress. The U.S. Federal Energy Management Program has issued energy-saving guidelines that include the use of metering and submetering products. Once you track your energy usage, you can locate problem areas and begin to implement energy saving programs to reduce your consumption. Our products can also track the results of these programs so you can see the savings for yourself!

  • Assure the reliability of power to avoid downtime and lost revenue. Our power monitoring systems let you set alarms or email notifications for conditions such as a voltage drop or a change in I/O status. Having this information the instant it is available helps you become proactive in solving future problems.

Not only are our products capable of accurately tracking your data center’s energy usage, they compile reports and store the data to let you view your energy consumption records in real time, by the day, or over an extended period!

A typical bill of materials for data centers looks like this:

  • Nexus 1500 – advanced power quality analyzer and energy meter

  • Shark 200 – data-logging energy meter for load profiling

  • MP200 Metering System – 8 three-phase input meters

  • Communicator EXT 4.0 – software for configuring meters, collecting data, analyzing power quality

  • EnergyReporter EXT 4.0 – software for energy dashboarding, generating usage reports, automated submeter billing

For 40 years, Electro Industries/GaugeTech has manufactured and installed high-quality power monitoring systems across the globe. To learn more about our energy management systems and how they can help your data center, please visit our website, call us at 866-928-7908, or email sales@www.electroind.com.