As the rate of intrusions of utilities and industrials grows exponentially in the coming years, so does the need to secure power grids around the world by taking effective action before it is too late.

Cyber security is often thought to be handled only by firewalls and IPS/IDS systems, but as technology grows in the utility and industrial sectors, the cyber threat to other devices including power meters, switches and relays needs to be recognized and proactively prevented.

EIG provides cyber secured configuration on most of its popular products to help utilities design substation that are safe and secure from malicious attempt to load harmful firmware or configure meters to provide false data.

Let’s take a look at some of the security features on our popular Shark® 250 Meter:

  • Up to 8 customized levels of password protected access, starting with an admin level
  • 30 character alphanumeric passwords
  • Username and password encryption when sent to the meter

In addition to the above, built-in, security features, many of the power meter’s functions can be modified to include customized security restrictions of your choice. Adjustable functions on the Shark® 250 Meter include the energy readings reset, firmware uploads, demand resets, programmable setting edits and uploads, test mode execution and more.

Questions on the security features of our Shark® 250 Meter or other power meters we sell? Speak with one of our expert field technicians today by emailing We have been engineering and manufacturing power meters with advanced analysis capabilities for over 40 years – and we look forward to serving you!