The start of a new year with new goals is right in front of us, but we can’t help but pause and take a look back at the milestones we hit in 2018. We’ve shared with you before a snapshot of product announcements from 2016 and 2017 and, of course, this year is no different!

EIG’s mission is to innovate and produce ground-breaking new technology in the energy space. Thus, each year we prioritize upgrading our software and meters to bring you the very best power monitoring tools for the modern day. Here are our three big highlights from 2018:

March 29, 2018. We released the Shark® 270 socket revenue meter with Level 2 DNP3 protocol for both serial and Ethernet. Using Level 2 DNP3, the meter can be used for SCADA, as well as to collect energy for billing purposes.

May 25, 2018. We updated the Nexus® 1500+ high performance Power Quality meter to support Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) communication. This meter can now be integrated seamlessly into existing SNMP networks, such as those in data centers. The meter’s onboard touch-screen display was also improved!

July 17, 2018. We released our latest Shark® Series meter – the Shark® 250 power meter with enhanced revenue metering features, multiple serial or Ethernet ports for redundant communication, a large memory capacity for more significant load studies and a Cyber secured configuration. Cyber Security is something we’ve been incredibly focused on in 2018!

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