It was 40 years ago when we launched our first digital power meter, but we didn’t stop there! EIG’s mission is to innovate and produce ground-breaking new technology in the energy space. Our customers motivate us to achieve these milestones and new product rollouts. Let’s take a look at a summary of our product announcements from 2016 below:

February 25, 2016. We released updates to improve the Communicator EXT™ 4.0 application and the meter management component of the software. With the upgrade, this comprehensive energy management software could manage a large number of meters among other enhancements.

March 8, 2016. We released updates to improve our EnergyReporter EXT product, a reporting and billing software. The updated version of the software included full support for our newest meter, the Nexus® 1500+ Power Quality monitor for metering critical energy circuits among other enhancements.

June 21, 2016. We announced that our Nexus® 1500+ High-Accuracy Meter became available in a pre-wired NEMA 1 type enclosure assembly. This allowed for outstanding metering accuracy and stability.

September 7, 2016. We released a new outdoor energy meter, the Shark® 270. With this meter, users know everything about their power, including usage over time and voltage supply reliability.

December 22, 2016. We began offering a low voltage option in addition to the existing options for the Nexus® 1500+ high-accuracy revenue and Class A power quality meter for critical metering applications in a pre-wired NEMA 1 type enclosure assembly.

Keep an eye out for an upcoming article where we will highlight our announcements from 2017!

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