Airports are among the largest energy consumption facilities. In fact, they’re even neck and neck with medium-sized cities. Knowing this, energy usage and power quality tracking is an absolute must. But how?

Install Meters in Critical Areas. Install individual meters in various locations throughout the facility including old airport buildings, the parking garage, and the food court. This distribution of meters will tell you exactly which parts of the airport are eating up the most energy. Once you have the facts you can invest in upgrading parts of the airport where consumption is the highest.

Set Power Quality Limits. Alerts to a facility manager’s email can be automated to forewarn the right person ahead of time of potential quality problems, such as voltage sags. Airports, as you probably know, can not afford blackouts, therefore, this kind of proactivity is key.

Install Submeters. Bill tenants according to their energy usage to create a sense of fairness. Submeters can be paired with an automated energy reporting and billing software such as EIG’s Energy Reporter EXT. In addition to being a major efficiency, it holds tenants personally accountable, motivating them to be responsible when it comes to energy consumption.

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