It was 40 years ago when we launched our first digital power meter, but we didn’t stop there! EIG’s mission is to innovate and produce ground-breaking new technology in the energy space. Our customers motivate us to achieve these milestones and new product roll-outs. Let’s take a look at a summary of our product announcements from 2017 below:

January 11, 2017. We released a pre-wired enclosure for the Shark® 270 and Nexus® 1262/1272 Form 9S socket revenue meters. This release allowed any meter to be serviced or tested by mechanically isolating it from incoming line voltage.

May 10, 2017. We released new features for the INP100S Ethernet card and INP300S IEC 61850 Protocol Server card used by its Shark® 200/270 meters. Upgrades included enhanced security through creation of a whitelisted Exclusive Client and more.

July 5, 2017. We released the CONN20163-KT Terminal Breakout Box kit that could be used to connect the Shark® 270 meter to a customer’s existing equipment in a simple, one-step process!

September 15, 2017. We released a translation interface module (TIM) that enabled the Shark® 270 meter to support Itron’s MV-90 system. The TIM was developed by Itron in partnership with EIG.

November 3, 2017. We announced the addition of our new revenue meter, the Shark® 270 meter and GE’s PQMII panel meter to the list of meters supported by our ProtoCom/ProtoCom-Lon protocol converters.

December 21, 2017. We released the Nexus® 1450 as the newest meter in our Nexus® Series. It included upgrades for accuracy and security, as well as the ability to offer real time data without software.

Travel back in time with us through 2016, as well!

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