Westbury, NY (Wednesday, May 10, 2017) – Electro Industries/GaugeTech (EIG) announces important new features for the INP100S Ethernet card and INP300S IEC 61850 Protocol Server card used by its Shark® 200/270 meters. Both cards now give enhanced security through creation of a whitelisted Exclusive Client. When the Exclusive Client is communicating to the Network card, all other communication to the card is suspended. This protects the meter from unauthorized access or tampering during meter programming.

In addition, the INP100S Ethernet card now supports data push of meter readings to cloud servers. The meter can push up to 15 readings on a programmed interval to cloud servers using the popular JSON structure. Cloud server support, as well as the enhanced security, is a critical capability for customers of the Shark® 200 and Shark® 270 advanced revenue meters, giving them the ability to integrate energy management into their cloud-based building management systems, such as Lucid’s BuildingOS®.

Information about the Network cards and the Shark® meters can be found at EIG’s website: