As the two toughest weeks in tennis kickoff, the tournament brings with it hundreds of thousands of spectators and a whole lot of consumption each year. 2018, however, marks both the 50th anniversary of the U.S. Open and 10 years of growing green initiatives led by the United States Tennis Association.

This year we see old and new smart investments, including the installation of LED light bulbs across all stadiums resulting in energy savings of up to 50%. The new Armstrong Stadium has also been designed to consume 28% less energy and will be the “first naturally ventilated stadium with a retractable roof in the world.”

As the leader in power monitoring systems for commercial building owners and occupants, we recognize the responsibility large organizations have in leading the way towards smart energy use. The USTA has done an incredible job expanding their green program year over year, just as other major commercial energy consumption centers, including universities and data centers, work hard through to do.

Whether your company is a major U.S. Open sponsor or you’re sending employees and customers to enjoy the games, take a moment to recognize how the USTA attention to everything from lighting to air conditioning are creative solutions that can be rolled out to commercial entities across the globe.

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