If you own or help operate a data center, you are aware of the high energy demand required to keep one running. In fact, the average data center uses 200% more energy than a typical office would.

With such high energy costs, it is common for data centers to rely on power monitoring equipment to help them save money. The more power that a data center consumes, the greater the potential savings.

Power monitoring instruments, such as the energy meters and submeters available from Electro Industries, help data centers save money by identifying areas of inefficiency. Once these are uncovered, upper management can design and implement power savings programs in an effort to reduce their energy consumption and trim operating costs.

Electro Industries has helped data centers all over the world save money by providing them with high-quality equipment needed to accurately track their energy consumption. This is what a typical Bill of Materials looks like for data centers:

Critical Load Point

  • Nexus 1500 – Advanced Power Quality Analyzer and Energy Meter

Large Loads (400+ amps)

  • Shark 200 – Data-Logging Energy Submeter for Load Profiling

Small Loads (<200 amps)



Electro Industries/GaugeTech is a worldwide leader in the energy management industry. For more than 40 years, we have produced and sold high-quality electric meters, submeters, and power monitoring software. Browse our full selection of power monitoring equipment, or give us a call at 866-928-7908 to start saving today.