Westbury, NY (Thursday, December 2, 2021) – Electro Industries/GaugeTech (EIG) announces that its MP200TM multipoint meter in NEMA 1 type enclosure now supports connecting an external uninterrupted power supply (UPS). This capability allows the meter to continue to record and log even during a power outage.

The MP200TM in Enclosure expands switchgear capability and easily meters circuits without expensive and time-consuming redesign. This is a perfect retrofit solution for a user that needs to meter energy consumption for high density applications. The MP200TM in Enclosure provides up to 24 energy metering points in one CPU, offering 0.5% Class Energy accuracy on all circuits.

The MP200TM unit can be ordered either as 8 three phase circuits or 24 single phase circuits. It offers a choice of RS485, wired Ethernet or 802.11 WiFi, BACnet or LonWorks for ease of connectivity. The lockable enclosure comes pre-wired with the MP200TM unit, CT shorting blocks, voltage fuses, and a touch-screen color display that provides detailed per circuit energy usage data.

For more information on the MP200TM Metering system in enclosure, visit its webpage, at: