Westbury, NY (October 17, 2023) – Electro Industries/GaugeTech (EIG) announces the release of an optional advanced network card for its Shark® 250 power and energy meter. The redesigned INP100S network card offers several new features over the previous version. The network card includes:

  • SSL/TSL encryption.
  • Digital firmware signature.
  • IPv4 and IPv6 support.
  • Configurable firewalls.
  • Simultaneous Modbus TCP/IP and DNP3 communication.

The INP100S advanced network card joins the Shark® 250 meter’s many benefits, which include third party certified ANSI C12.20 0.1 Accuracy Class energy measurements, high precision frequency measurements of 0.007 Hz, cyber security, data logging, revenue metering features, and advanced power quality analysis. The meter has standard RS485 and front panel USB communication and multiple, expandable I/O options.

The Shark® 250 meter’s webpage and product literature, including its brochure, have been updated. For more information on the Shark® 250 meter, visit its webpage, at: