Westbury, NY (January 17, 2023) – Electro Industries/GaugeTech (EIG) announces that its Nexus® 1450 cyber secure power quality meter’s version 5.0001 firmware now includes distributed fault recording using the meter’s internal IEC 61850 protocol server. The system works by triggering a waveform capture on up to 16 meters when a breaker operation occurs on the primary meter. This is very helpful for fault analysis and protective scheme optimization.

Additional new features include direct access to internal COMTRADE waveform files using a RESTful API. This is ideal for integration into advanced fault analysis software.

These new features join the Nexus® 1450 meter’s other advanced capabilities, including 0.06% accuracy in energy metrology for critical metering applications; multiport communication with up to six communication ports, including dual, separately addressable Ethernet ports; email on alarm and advanced web server with real time waveform viewing; and a Core log of 172 parameters that automatically trends data without user intervention.

The Nexus® 1450 meter’s webpage and product literature, including its brochure, have been updated. For more information on the Nexus® 1450 meter, visit its webpage, at: