Westbury, NY (Tuesday, March 1, 2022) – Electro Industries/GaugeTech (EIG) announces enhanced enterprise features as part of the version 5 release of the EnergyPQA.com® AI driven energy management system. These features enable enterprise wide details and summaries of all facilities and their energy usage and power quality information. It also uniquely offers AI-based predictions of usage and C-Suite reporting of energy efficiency and power quality risk.

With this release, EnergyPQA.com® introduces a new enterprise summary page that displays enterprise summary and facility comparison information with colorful, easy-to-understand graphs and icons. Summarized carbon footprint, energy costs and predicted costs, and risk factor are displayed. The webpage also shows the potential savings for the year for boosting facility energy efficiency and the potential risk reduction from correcting high risk facilities and circuits.

The main enterprise Facilities screen has been redesigned and now displays facility information in an easy to view format. Using graphical elements, information on energy spending, downtime risk, and load disaggregation is shown. Information on the square footage, number of installed meters, number of occupants, temperature ranges for the month, and summary information for the month is displayed. Facilities can be easily selected for view by clicking on their image at the top of the webpage.

For more information on the EnergyPQA.com® system and its new features, visit its webpage: