Westbury, NY (March 8, 2022) – Electro Industries/GaugeTech (EIG) announces that its Nexus® 1450 cyber secure power quality meter can now be ordered with an IEC 61850 protocol server. With this option the meter seamlessly integrates into substation automation applications. The meter’s IEC 61850 implementation includes GOOSE messaging.

The IEC 61850 implementation joins the Nexus® 1450 meter’s other advanced features, including:

  • ResilientTM Cyber Security encryption to protect metering data.
  • 0.06% accuracy in energy metrology for critical metering applications.
  • MultiGainTM measurement technology for superior accuracy.
  • Multiport communication with up to six communication ports, including dual, separately addressable Ethernet ports.
  • Email on alarm and advanced web server with real time waveform viewing.
  • Advanced metering features for primary loads and other critical metering applications.
  • A CoreTM log of 142 parameters that automatically trends data without user intervention.

The Nexus® 1450 meter’s webpage and product literature, including its brochure, have been updated. For more information on the Nexus® 1450 meter, visit its webpage, at: