Committing to an energy management initiative is no small task. Significant time and company resources are required to implement a power monitoring system, and everyone needs to be actively involved during the on-boarding process.

For these reasons, it is crucial that you find the right company to supply you with your power monitoring instruments – one with a proven track record of success. Electro Industries has been a worldwide leader in the energy metering industry for over 40 years, and we have a reputable client base to show for it. Just take a look at some of our customer success stories:

The University at Buffalo, like all colleges, faced energy management challenges. Being the largest State University of New York and home to over 35,000 students and staff, they needed a way to reduce their energy consumption. They waned to monitor every building on campus, giving management real time data of when and where energy was being used. More than 230 Shark 200 submeters were installed across the campus, which now allows for access to real time energy information, historical data, power quality issues, and more.

Enee (Empresa Nacional de Energía Eléctrica) is the government-owned utility responsible for generating, transmitting, and distributing all electrical power in the country of Honduras. When our project began in 2006, Enee was losing nearly $100 million per year due to energy theft. After installing nearly 500 units of Nexus 1262 meters and 15 units of PDS 1252s, Enee was able to reduce nation-wide losses by 5%, saving them over $35 million per year.

New Hampshire Electric Coop was receiving inaccurate data from their meters, and their operating costs had soared. Nearly every day, at least one meter in one of their 42 substations had a technical issue. Since their substations were located in the White Mountains, each support query required at least a half day of their technician’s time, requiring them to pay for the full-time support of a metering technician. Since equipping their facilities with EIG’s Nexus 1260 meters in 2002, maintenance costs have been reduced by 90%, in addition to a 50% reduction in data retrieval costs and the elimination of several pieces of old, expensive equipment.

These are just a few of many client success stories with Electro Industries. For additional reading, feel free to browse through our case study library, where you will find more examples of businesses all over the world having success with our products.

If you want to get started monitoring the energy consumption of your facilities, don’t trust anyone but Electro Industries to help you achieve your goals. Give us a call at 866-928-7908 to see how you can get started.