Westbury, NY (Monday, March 3, 2014) – California Independent System Operator (CAISO) has approved the Watt-hour revenue-grade Nexus 1272 Utility power meter, one of Electro Industries/Gauge Tech’s (EIG) Nexus family of award-winning power meters. CAISO manages the majority of California’s high-voltage wholesale power-grid. This approval confirms that the Nexus 1272 power meter meets the stringent CAISO requirements for certification and compliance for electrical meters used in CAISO applications.

The Nexus 1272 power meter features a host of revenue metering, power quality monitoring, and communication capabilities, including:

  • Highly accurate energy and demand measurements
  • Multiple communication paths, including RS485, Ethernet, Optical ports
  • Dual simultaneous Modbus and DNP Level 3 protocol over Ethernet
  • Advanced billing functions
  • Flicker and power quality monitoring
  • Advanced power quality analysis
  • Combo Ethernet/Modem capability
  • Embedded Web server
  • Available in ANSI socket, switchboard, or A-base form