Westbury, NY (Tuesday, November 19, 2013) – Electro Industries/ GaugeTech (EIG) releases version 3.0 of its E-Billing EXT™ energy reporting, cost analysis, and billing software. This release is a significant update which adds many new features to the application. These features include a new energy dashboard viewer that lets users easily compare energy costs and demand across multiple time frames (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, and custom date ranges) and locations.

Another important new feature is customized energy reports, which let the user create concise energy reports providing summaries of energy usage data for executive level and management reporting.

An automated scheduling application was also incorporated to send bills or reports out to customers on a scheduled basis, avoiding third party maintenance and energy management overhead costs.

Utilizing the E-Billing EXT™ application, users are given “ownership” of electrical (or other commodity) consumption and are capable of reducing energy usage. This directly results in cost savings and carbon footprint reduction, providing both a direct economic benefit and an environmental benefit to the users and/or energy providers.