Westbury, NY (Wednesday, February 2, 2017) – Electro Industries /GaugeTech (EIG) announced that it has won Corp America’s Software & Technology Awards for 2016 in two categories: the Best Meter Management Software Provider, for the Energy Manager EXT software suite; and the Most Innovative Metering Technology Product, for the Nexus® 1500+ meter.

Winning these awards affirms EIG’s leadership in both energy management software applications, and cutting-edge monitoring products. EIG’s Energy Manager EXT software suite includes the following modules:

  • Communicator EXT™ Application – lets the customer view real time readings, configure meters, download stored logs and analyze waveforms. It can be downloaded free of charge from EIG’s website.

  • MeterManager EXT Application – this is an automation component added to the professional, licensed version of Communicator EXT™ software, that allows the meters to be managed easily without any need for user configuration or system setup.

  • The EnergyReporter EXT™ Application – gives the customer an Enterprise-wide total energy usage reporting solution for detailed energy usage analysis viewing and reporting, as well as customer billing.

  • The HMI EXT™ Application – lets the customer connect a graphical HMI interface to the software, view all data through the Internet, control electrical distribution points, and compile energy usage reports easily and quickly.

  • The Dial-In Server EXT Application – allows remote meters in the field to dial in and report outage information. This is useful for remote meter applications where only telephone access is available.

The Nexus® 1500+ meter is EIG’s latest addition to the Nexus® family of revenue meters. It is designed for applications where meter accuracy and capability is of critical importance – hospitals, data centers, and wafer fabs plants, for example. It has a unique auto-calibration feature to maintain its high accuracy for the life of the meter, and offers multiple communication ports and protocols, including IEC 61850. It is an IEC 61000-4-30 Class A and EN 50160 PQ reporting meter.

For more information on EIG’s energy management software, visit its webpage at:

For more information on the Nexus® 1500+ meter, visit its webpage at: