Not all energy is created equal, that’s where power quality analysis comes into play.

Power quality analysis involves using a series of meters and gauges to monitor your facility’s power supply, in order to make sure it can support operations. When there is a significant change in the quality of energy being supplied to your business, problems can occur.

Luckily, tools such as the Nexus 1252 Power Quality Meter can help prevent these problems before they start, saving your business time, money, and trouble. Here are three ways that power quality analysis can directly help your bottom line:

Lost Revenue

A drop in power quality may result in a full-blown power outage, meaning your business cannot operate until the power is restored. Often times, this can take several hours or more. When your business can’t operate, you can’t sell your products or services, and you will sustain a loss of revenue.

Idle Employees

Your employees are affected by downtime, too. When your business is down, your workers can’t complete their daily functions. But, since they are still on the clock, you have to compensate them for their “work”. This is yet another way that downtime can cost you big bucks.

Equipment Damage

Voltage spikes and surges have been known to damage sensitive electronic equipment, including computers and servers. Sometimes, this damage is permanent and irreversible. Other times, it can result in lost data that is more valuable than the equipment itself. Either way, it is a costly problem that can be fixed with the help of power quality analysis.

Getting started with power quality analysis is easy. Just visit the Electro Industries website, or pick up the phone and dial 888-928-7908.