According the U.S. Department of Energy, factories and industrial plants account for one-third of the country’s energy use, costing more than $200 billion each year. They believe that by simply limiting energy waste, factories can reduce their power consumption by up to 20% – equivalent to 40 billion dollars in savings.

Who can afford to not save that kind of money? If you are responsible for running a factory, one way you can reduce your energy waste is through the use of power monitoring equipment, such as the power meters and submeters available from Electro Industries.

Here are a few ways that our products can help your factory become more efficient:

  • Monitor power consumption and quality in real-time for all parts of your factory. EIG’s advanced meters and submeters not only allow you to view the quantity your facility’s energy consumption, they also provide data about the quality of the power you are receiving – all in real time. You can even segment this data to see how much energy is being used to power your HVAC systems, machinery, administrative offices, etc.

  • Respond to power quality problems before outages occur. A steady stream of reliable power is crucial for a factory to operate properly. Our power quality analyzers can alert you of a problem before an outage occurs, helping you reduce downtime and avoid lost revenue.

  • Find inefficiencies and develop programs to reduce energy consumption. Once you know how much energy your factory is consuming, you can identify inefficiencies and develop a plan of action. Once your strategy is fully implemented, continue using the power meters to track your results and strive for further improvement.

Do these goals sound consistent with what you would like to achieve at your factory? Here is what a typical bill of materials looks like to help you get there:

  • Nexus 1500 Energy Meter & Power Quality Analyzer

  • Shark 200 Data-Logging Energy Meter

  • MP200 Metering System

  • Communicator EXT Software

  • HMI EXT Software

  • EnergyReporter EXT Software

Interested in learning more, or want to get start saving energy now? Visit our website for more information or speak with one of our associates by calling (866) 928-7908.