Steps to Keep Heating Bills Under Control

It is that dreaded time of the year again. With winter in full swing, chances are that you have noticed that you energy bills are getting a bit higher. The dread that comes with opening up that energy bill can be decreased by just following a few easy steps. However, why are you bills so high in the first place?
saving money

Thermostat Control

Sometimes it really is as simply as setting your thermostat at one comfortable temperature and never touching it. As human beings we tend to want instant gratification and sometimes, when we have been outside in the cold especially, we want to get warm NOW. This usually means cranking up the heat when he first come from the elements in order to get warm instantly. Unfortunately, doing so can wreck havoc on your energy bill by your furnace or heating unit to use too much energy, too quickly. If you keep your house at once temperature you can say money on the monthly bill AND have less of a chance for your unit to go out more quickly.


It is always a good idea to have your meter checked for functionality and accuracy, especially if it an older one. Sometimes the meter is not recording your energy expenditure and if this is the case, you have the right to know. Check with your energy provider and ask them to check your meter and replace if faulty. At Electro Industries, we ensure that our meters are accurate and our digital meters are simply more reliable that analog.

Type of Heat

Try to avoid placing electric heaters all over the home. Sure, electric heating is convenient but most people do not know that it is far more expensive than gas or oil. By using something other than electric, like propane and natural gas, you can reduce your costs. It is also far better on the environment! Electric heating can get pricey.

These are just a few ideas that can explain why your heating bill might not be adding up. Remember, the best thing to do is leave your temperature steady during the winter months. Also, using accurate digital power meters that we specialize in is always going to be more accurate than an older, analog meter that is not calibrated. That means more money in your pocket!