Electro Industries is proud to promote Engineers Week 2019, which kicked off yesterday and continues through Saturday, February 23rd.

In celebration, we’re highlighting five popular careers in engineering – a high-level overview and earning potential. In alphabetical order:

Computer Engineering – Responsible for the improvement of computer systems and hardware, computer engineers bring immense value in today’s technology driven society.

Average Annual Salary: $75,047 (PayScale)

Electrical Engineering – Tasked with the creation of the systems that power our universe, electrical engineers must be experts in the physics and mathematics of electricity.

Average Annual Salary: $73,608 (PayScale)

Industrial Engineering – Ultimately responsible for reducing costs and increasing efficiency, industrial engineers must be skilled in quality control and operations management.

Average Annual Salary: $65,367 (PayScale)

Mechanical Engineering – Mechanical engineers architect an array of machines and devices. Biomedical devices and refrigeration systems are common examples.

Average Annual Salary: $69,196 (PayScale)

Software Engineering – Capable of developing the computer applications that change the way we do business and interact with others (i.e. social networks), software engineers must also be highly trained in cyber security as data protection remains a growing concern.

Average Annual Salary: $83,576 (PayScale)

Engineers are an integral part of the team at EIG and the companies we work with. Take a look at our open positions for sample job descriptions.

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