Ever try to read something that was written in a language other than your native tongue? You probably didn’t understand much, right? Well, we understand that power monitoring probably isn’t the most familiar topic, so we want to take some time to explain a few things about our high performance monitoring systems – the Nexus series:

Nexus Series Power Monitor Frequently Asked Questions | Electro Industries/GaugeTech

Q: What is a sample rate of High Speed inputs?

A: The Nexus 1250 meter will sample the HS inputs at up to 2 independent rates, depending upon the configuration of the unit. The HS inputs can be used for either pulse accumulation or for status change to record a waveform. The HS inputs are always sampled at 100 times per second, and debounced for 2 sample times.


Q: How Can I Communicate With The Nexus 1250 Meter?

A: The Nexus 1250 meter has four communication ports, three are designed to use the RS485 interface, and one is bidirectional between RS485, and RS232. For direct connections, it is easy to use the RS232 port, and a standard serial extension cable (straight), or using an RS485 to RS232 converter, such as our Unicom 2500, connect to any of the RS485 ports.


Q: What Is The VAUX Input Used For?

A: This is an independent voltage input that has all the capabilities of the other voltage inputs (recording, triggering, trending, etc.). A typical use would be in synchronizing a line closure.

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