Let’s face it, most businesses, whether they’re in the corporate world, the retail industry or somewhere in between, consume higher levels of energy than most people could ever imagine. But there are some that stand out among the rest and can be crowned for being the largest energy consumers. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to cut back, but figuring out how much you’re actually consuming is the very first step.

Types Of Businesses That Consume The Most Energy | Electro Industries/GaugeTech

Grocery Stores, Restaurants and Convenience Stores

These three categories of businesses are among the highest energy consumers. Just think about all of the power it takes to keep food refrigerated, keep appliances running and the amount of energy that’s wasted for a plethora of reasons. Not to mention lighting and hvac costs.

Car Dealerships

Most of them are open for a majority of the day and night and lighting is absolutely key in this type of business. They need light to show off cars both inside and on the lot and customers rely on adequate lighting so they can see the cars correctly. They also use lots of energy when it comes to powering computers and security systems. It’s estimated that even a reduction of 10% in power consumption could result in savings of nearly $139 million.

Office Buildings, Residential Buildings, Hotels and Motels

This probably isn’t much of a surprise to most people – just think about all of the lighting, the appliances, the heating and cooling systems, etc. found in each of these types of buildings. In order to keep tabs on energy consumption, power monitors are often used in establishments like these.

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