The Nexus 1500+ from Electro Industries is the latest and greatest technology in the power monitoring industry. Essentially two products in one, the Nexus 1500+ acts as a revenue meter as well as a power quality analyzer.

With a lightning-fast processor, extensive onboard memory, and super-accurate energy readings, the Nexus 1500+ is perfect for all of your substation and critical load metering needs. It records every aspect of electrical power, including: voltage, current, load, frequency, surges, sags, harmonics, phase unbalances, and more.

All of this data is available to view in real time or through historical reports, which can be accessed through our proprietary software. The historical reports are especially useful for analyzing past outages and identifying the conditions that caused them. Once these conditions are known, you can look for them going forward and reduce your downtime, or even prevent it altogether.

Perhaps the biggest upgrade from the Nexus 1500 to the Nexus 1500+ is the self-calibration feature. Previously, the Nexus 1500 auto-calibrated itself every 12 hours or 5 degree temperature change using a technology called AccuMeasure. The Nexus 1500+ uses an improved system known as Constant Calibration, which provides a faster, ongoing form of calibration.

Some of the primary benefits of the Nexus 1500+ include:

  • 0.06% accuracy measurements

  • 50 MHz transient speed capture (800,000 samples per cycle)

  • 4 GB of data storage

  • Automatic self-calibration

  • Email notifications for user-specified conditions

  • Multiple communication protocols

  • And more! Click here to view the full product brochure.

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