Even though there has been a drastic push to “go green” in recent years by businesses and consumers alike, there is still a lot of uncertainty surrounding industrial power monitoring. Unfortunately for the general public and the environment, most people don’t realize just how beneficial it can be.

Here are the top five myths about power metering, and the actual truths behind them.

Only certain businesses can take advantage of power monitoring equipment.

False. Just about any company can benefit from power monitoring, regardless of their size or industry. Whether you are a power provider or consumer, the power meters and submeters from Electro Industries can help you monitor your power usage in real-time, and develop programs to reduce your consumption.

Power monitoring is not profitable.

This is far from the truth. Not only can power monitoring be profitable, it’s ROI is extremely easy to measure. By cutting back on wasted energy, you are reducing your operating costs and increasing your profit margin. The power quality analyzers from Electro Industries can also help you prevent lost revenue due to costly downtime.

Tenants are the only ones who benefit from energy-efficient buildings.

Untrue. Many property owners are reluctant to invest money into energy-efficient products and upgrades because they are under the assumption that their tenants will benefit from the savings, not them. This depends on your leasing structure, but lower tenant bills always means increased satisfaction and a more marketable complex.

Energy-efficiency is exclusively for new buildings.

Wrong. No matter how old your facility is, there are ways to reduce your energy usage and save money. While it is true that your efforts may be more strenuous in an older building, there is even more room for improvement and more money to be saved!

Energy savings plans take forever to implement.

Not necessarily. Some easy ways to save energy include upgrading to compact fluorescent light bulbs and powering down equipment before your employees leave for the night/weekend. While some programs can take months to implement, other initiatives can be done overnight – literally!

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