Implementing an energy management system at your business can help you reduce your carbon footprint, while saving money in the process. If you are unfamiliar with the term, an “energy management system” uses a series of computer-aided tools used to monitor, control, and optimize energy generation or consumption.

Yes, energy providers and consumers alike can both benefit from the use of power monitoring systems. Here’s how it can help your business, regardless of your company’s size or sector:


For Energy Providers (Utilities, Municipals, ESPs, etc.)

Power Distribution Reliability

  • Monitor voltage variations

  • Record faults and protect equipment

  • Monitor reliability of breakers and relays

  • View historical data to avoid future events

Substation Automation Solutions

  • Shorten emergency response time

  • Identify and manage peak demand

  • Quickly shed or shift loads

  • Increase accuracy of revenue metering

Customer Service

  • Improve power distribution reliability

  • Provide customers with immediate solutions

  • Automatically bill customers


For Energy Consumers (Industrial, Commercial, Government, etc.)

Power Quality Management

  • Monitor power quality in real time

  • Optimize load

  • Quickly respond to power quality issues

Operations Management

  • Reduce lost revenue due to downtime

  • Identify areas of inefficiency

  • Extend equipment lifespan

Energy Cost Control

  • Verify accuracy of energy bills

  • Avoid charges for excessive usage

  • Improve accuracy for budget planning


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