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CommunicatorPQA™ – Energy Management Software with MeterManagerPQA™ Data Collection Software


The base user package of the EnergyManager System with charting, configuration, graphing, and power quality analysis

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CommunicatorPQA™ is the base package of the Energy Manager system. This software module connects remote meters via Serial, Ethernet or Modem. It allows users to view real time metered data, configure and analyze collected information from remote EI power monitors. This system works with all EI metering equipment.

CommunicatorPQA™ provides superior screen display, graphing and reporting functions allowing users to collect and archive data quickly, easily and without hassle. Using ODBC compliant database structures, the stored metering information is available for automatic integration into any 3rd party package.


MeterManagerPQA™ is a software service application that runs in conjunction with the CommunicatorPQA™ application as an automated service on a computer. It functions as an automation engine to manage meters for users.

It consists of 5 main components:

  1. Automated Meter Network Connection – The software automatically finds meters on a network by scanning configurable IP address ranges.
  2. Organizes Meters into Groups – Group meters by location, type, download interval, name or any other desired method. View an installed base of meters as a unified group that can be managed easily and quickly.
  3. App Launcher – Launch into any apps associated with that meter such as the CommunicatorPQA™ application, Log Viewer, EnergyReporter Viewer, etc.
  4. Multi-threaded Data Collector – The software architecture is designed as a multi-threading application running as a service, so that data is collected system-wide and automatically stored, while running in the background of the PC.
  5. Automatic Meter Report Generator – Generate customized reports and send them out to users on programmed intervals.

Advanced Communication Structure

CommunicatorPQA™ allows users to access remote meters through three different methods. These include:

  • Ethernet TCP/IP
  • Remote Modem (Dial-up or Wireless)
  • Direct Serial

These three capabilities allow the data to be brought back in any type of medium available. These methods are interchangeable so that a system can consist of multiple paths back to a main computer.

Advanced Real time Viewing Capability

CommunicatorPQA™ displays real time data from EI power monitors. The data is presented in a simple and powerful graphical format so that laymen access data easily. The software offers many screens, including:

  • Voltage, Current, Power & Energy
  • Time of Usage & Accumulations
  • Power Quality
  • Harmonics to the 255th Order
  • Actual Real time Waveform Scopes
  • Alarms & Limits
  • Max. & Min. for Each Parameter
  • I/O Device Information

Advanced Charting, Graphing & Analysis

CommunicatorPQA™’s charting and graphing functions allow users to easily access any desired data and provide fast and simple analysis. Getting the data you need quickly is as important as collecting the data in the first place. CommunicatorPQA™ excels at providing data easily and quickly. Data analysis features include:

  • Tabular Data Format with Direct Microsoft Excel Compliance
  • 6-Pen Charting and Graphing
  • Circular or XY Chart Formats
  • Max./Min. Values Printed Directly on Plot
  • Unlimited Zoom & Pan
  • Direct Cut & Paste in Most Microsoft Windows Applications
Capability CommunicatorPQA™ Professional Solution (Also includes CommunictaorPQA™ Professional)
Includes MeterManagerPQA™ Automation Module
Includes EnergyReporterPQA™ Application
Organize Meters into Locations/Facilities
Provides Meter Usage and Demand Data
Provides Meter Usage for Entire Location/Facility
Provides Predicted Energy Usage
Provides Predicted Demand
Provides Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Usage Comparisons for Meters and Facilities
Provides Waveform Captures
Provides Detailed Power Quality Data for All Meters in Facility Only for Individual Meters
Provides Heat Map
Provides Usage and Temperature Comparisons
View Real Time Readings  
Perform Meter Configuration
View Log Data
Supports, COMTRADE, MV90, HHF Files
Download Logs
Accessible over the Cloud
Cyber Secure Configuration Dependent on Specific Meter

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ComPQA5P1Y(one year license), ComPQA5P2Y(two year license) (+$1,350.00), ComPQA5P3Y(three year license) (+$2,700.00), ComPQA5P4Y(four year license) (+$4,050.00), ComPQA5P5Y(five year license) (+$5400.00)


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