CommunicatorPQA® Power Monitoring Software


EIG’s base software application with charting, configuration, graphing, and power quality analysis.

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Buy CommunicatorPQA® power monitoring software that enables users to view real time metered data, configure meters, and analyze collected information from remote EIG power monitors. This software provides superior screen visualization, graphing, and reporting functions for quick access to metering data and easy database archiving. The stored metering information is available for automatic integration into any 3rd party package.

The CommunicatorPQA® power monitoring software is available in a Lite mode and professional mode. The Lite mode allows users to configure meters, send setting files, download logs from stored meter memory, and provide data analysis of the power system. The professional version adds MeterManagerPQA® software and additional file converters like HHF, PQDIF, and COMTRADE file formats.

Capability CommPQA® Lite CommPQA® Pro® System
Configure and program any EIG meter
Store information in a database for SQL searches and data mining
View basic charts and graphs
Use basic power quality waveform viewer
Auto find and group all meters on a network
Auto collect data using MeterManagerPQA® automation server tools
Create spreadsheet reports emailed automatically on a set schedule
Generate PQDIF, COMTRADE, and HHF files automatically
Access EnergyReporterPQA™ billing application
Organize meters into locations/facilities
Access enterprise energy management
Use artificial intelligence to forecast usage, demand, and many other energy management calculations
View daily, weekly, and monthly usage comparisons for meters and facilities
Access enterprise power quality recording analytics
View heat map with predictions
View load disaggregation
View degree days
Analyze energy use intensity including energy per square foot, per occupant, and others
View carbon footprint analysis
Program emails for alarm events, reports, and predicted demand
Receive C-Suite reporting for actionable energy conservation
Receive C-Suite reporting for actionable risk mitigation
View water, air, gas, electric, and steam reporting