The Shark® 250  and Shark® 270 Meters’ Security Features Include:

  • An admin level and up to 8 levels of passwords support customized levels of access.Passwords are 30 character alphanumeric.
  • Usernames and passwords are encrypted when sent to the meter, to further enhance security.
  • The meter offers a physical sealing switch for added security.
  • You can add customized security restrictions to the following functions:
    • Reset energy readings.
    • Upload firmware.
    • Reset demand.
    • Download and reset logs – access can be controlled for each log, independently.
    • Edit and upload programmable settings.
    • Edit TOU calendar, read TOU data, and reset TOU accumulators.
    • Execute Test Mode.
    • Edit CT/PT compensation.
    • Back up meter files.
    • Control read access for a COM port.
    • Access control functions for I/O.
    • Reset input and output counters.
    • Meter restart.
    • Manual waveform recording.
    • Date/time change.
    • Set preset energy.
    • Upload LCD screens.
    • Change V-SwitchTM key.

For more information about the Shark 250 meter, visit this webpage:

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