Identifying the correct meter to fit your business or facility’s needs can become an overwhelming task. Smart meters are complex, and EIG has over 20,000 different combinations of part numbers, all offering different features and specifications. That is why customer support in metering is such a valuable asset, and so essential to have. EIG strives to help customers throughout the buying process, to ensure they are given the correct solution to accomplish all their goals and achieve the desired outcome. Our customer support reps work with you to figure out which meter will best fit both your needs and your budget, and continue with you throughout the entire buying process. We also pride ourselves in providing you with after-sales support, by answering all your questions and solving any problems that arise after the installation. We want you to have a smooth transition to our meters and make use of their full potential. Here are some of the ways EIG makes sure each valued customer gets the proper support they deserve:

  1. Sales Engineers

Our sales engineers are your main point of contact throughout the buying process. Our team has extensive metering knowledge, with some of our team members having been with us for over 20 years! EIG sales engineers are constantly traveling to job sites in order to give our customers the most personalized experience possible, and get a better understanding of what their needs are. Our sales engineers’ main goal is to help you, the customer, achieve your goals and to make your life easier.

  1. Technical Support

Our technical support team, just like our team of sales engineers, is made up of experienced engineers with a specialized focus on metering. They are extensively trained on both our meters and our software, which gives them the ability to provide you with effective solutions for all your technical questions that may arise, either during the buying process, or after you have already purchased the meter. They also travel to customer sites to help with any issues that arise after the meter is already set up. All of EIG’s technical support personnel are qualified Customer Support Specialists who are available via phone, email, or fax 12 hours a day. Customer support hours are 8am-8pm, Monday-Friday, and you can send an email requesting help at any time to

  1. Meter Training’s

EIG hosts meter training classes 10-12 times a year throughout the United States. These classes provide in-depth information about our meters and software, explaining the full functionality of the Shark® and Nexus® family of meters. Training classes are conducted by our Field Application Engineers, who are constantly gaining firsthand knowledge, in the field, of customers main needs, as well as diagnosing customer issues. As a result, they know the most important topics are to cover. In addition, training classes are interactive and open to any and all questions. This is a perfect opportunity for novice and experienced users alike to learn more about power metering and to get answers to any questions or concerns. For more information about our upcoming training classes click here.

  1. Digital Help

Browsing our website and reading our brochures are two great ways to become informed about the extensive list of meters we have to offer. Check out some of the following links to get started:

A meter training in Ankeny, Iowa pictured above.