When it comes to energy, few types of facilities use more of it than hospitals and healthcare agencies. In fact, the average 200,000-square-foot, 50-bed hospital spends more than $680,000 on energy every year. Combined, American healthcare facilities are spending more than $6.5 billion annually on electricity, gas, and other energy sources.

So, what is this energy being used for? Touchstone Energy Cooperatives gives a great breakdown in their “Managing Energy Costs in Hospitals” report. Here is where they say hospitals are consuming the most electricity:

  1. Lighting – 43%

  2. Ventilation – 16%

  3. Cooling – 14%

  4. Office Equipment – 5%

  5. Space Heating – 3%

  6. Refrigeration – 3%

  7. Water Heating – 1%

  8. Other – 15%

If you help operate a hospital, there is good news. You can cut these energy costs by up to 20% simply by investing in an energy management system for your facility.

Energy management systems use a series of power monitoring devices and computer software to track your energy usage in real time. This offers users an easy-to-understand overview of their facility’s energy efficiency. You can even target specific meters to narrow down energy usage by building, floor, or even by piece of equipment.

When you can see how much energy your facility is consuming in real time, it becomes much easier to identify inefficiencies. You can then develop and implement programs to reduce wasted energy, and continue using the energy management system to track your progress. The tools available from Electro Industries also come with features such as automatic billing, reporting, and power quality analysis.

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