When you think of energy management, you think of Electro Industries. That’s because we are at the forefront of the power monitoring industry, helping businesses across the world save money and energy for over 40 years.

While our power meters and submeters are widely regarded as the best in the world, they are only half of the equation. The other half is our energy management software, which gives you a platform to view, organize, and manage the data that our meters collect.

Electro Industries currently offers six different proprietary softwares to help users take full advantage of our power monitoring equipment. Here are all six programs and a little bit of information on each:

1. Energy Manager EXTEnergy Manager is our single most powerful software suite, encompassing all five other software applications. This system provides a comprehensive energy management solution for even the most demanding applications. Modules can be added at any time, meaning this program has the flexibility to grow with your company.

2. Communicator EXT – The Communicator EXT program allows you to connect meters via serial, Ethernet, or modem. You can view metered information in real time, configure new meters, archive data, and more. This program is compatible with all EIG metering equipment.

3. MeterManager EXT – The MeterManager EXT software functions as an automation engine for users to easily manage their power meters. You can connect meters, organize them into groups, automatically collect and store data system-wide, and more.

4. EnergyReporter EXT – Compile graphs and charts from metered data using EnergyReporter EXT. Every aspect of energy consumption is available, including monthly usage summaries, meter comparisons, peak profiles, year-over-year comparisons, and more. You can even use this software to automatically bill your tenants each period.

5. HMI EXT – The HMI EXT is a fully functional, web-viewable SCADA HMU package which allows you to obtain a complete graphical view of your electrical distribution system. Fully customize the real-time data so that everyone can view and understand it.

6. Dial-In Server EXT – Use the Dial-In Server EXT to connect with remote meters in the field. It displays alarms, interrogates meters, downloads logs, and sends critical messages.

If you are interested in learning more about any of these applications, we are happy to help! View the product brochures by clicking here or get in contact with one of our experts! Just send an email to sales@www.electroind.com or give us a call at 866-928-7908.