Westbury, NY (January 10, 2023) – Electro Industries/GaugeTech (EIG) launched its latest SCADA solution – HMIPQA+. This application improves upon the earlier HMIPQA SCADA system by simplifying the user interface and making it even more user-friendly. The HMIPQA+ solution is easily scalable to fit customer requirements, with highly customizable and intuitive graphical displays of both energy metering and other commodity data. It seamlessly puts the right tools at the operator’s fingertips for informed energy management decisions.

To learn more, visit the HMIPQA+™ SCADA solution’s webpage at: https://www.electroind.com/products/hmipqa-power-monitoring-scada/.
The webpage clearly explains the advanced SCADA solution’s capabilities and features and highlights its effectiveness in specific industries – data centers, commercial buildings, healthcare facilities, and industrial applications. It details the customized and flexible reporting options, power quality features, multiple protocol support, and open connectivity with third party systems that the HMIPQA+ solution offers.