If you have ever stepped foot on a college campus, you can only imagine how much energy it takes to operate. The classrooms, dormitories, common areas, dining halls, and computer labs all require immense amounts of energy to stay running. According to Energy Star, educational facilities in the United States spend over $14 billion on energy every year, and up to 30% of that energy is being used inefficiently.

So what can schools do to fix this problem? Investing in power monitoring equipment is a good place to start. When used correctly, power meters and submeters can provide key insights into how a facility is using its energy, and can point out inefficiencies. Using this data, facility managers can design and implement energy-savings programs to reduce and even eliminate energy waste.

The simple installation of submeters has been shown to foster energy savings of up to 15% just by increasing awareness – that could translate to over $2 billion in savings if implemented on a national level!

If you are looking to start cutting your energy consumption, it is important to not only have the right equipment, but to also make sure that it is properly installed. That’s where Electro Industries comes in. For over 40 years, we have helped schools all over the world save energy and money.

Here’s what a typical bill of materials might look like for an educational facility:

Critical Load Point

  • Nexus 1500 – Advanced Power Quality Analyzer and Energy Meter

Large Loads (400+ amps)

  • Shark 200 – Data-Logging Energy Submeter for Load Profiling

Economical WiFi Submeter

  • Shark 200s – Focused energy consumption information for administrative offices, dorms, departmental buildings, etc.

Small Loads (<200 amps)


At Electro Industries, we know that every educational facility is different. That’s why we listen to your individual needs, and design an energy management system that will best help you reach your goals. With over 40 years of experience in the industry, don’t trust anyone else for your power monitoring solutions. Visit our website to learn more, or speak with one of our trained associates by calling 866-928-7908.