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Shark® MP200™ Multi-Point High-Density Metering System

The MP200™ high density metering system measures and reports on energy usage from up to 8 three phase circuits (3 element Wye, or 2 CT Delta) or up to 24 single phase circuits (2-wire or 3-wire). Its multi-circuit design saves you both mounting space and installation time. The MP200™ unit is ideal for any industrial, campus or commercial installation. With the MP200™ metering system, connecting multiple loads is both easy and highly cost effective. The unit is designed to consolidate many metering points to provide useful energy reporting. It is perfect for both new and retrofit projects.

Using EIG’s software solutions with the MP200™ metering system, you can easily trend Energy and other commodity usage; generate reports to analyze the data; compare usage for different customer locations, billing periods, and meters; and generate customer billing.

The MP200™ metering system uniquely offers a choice of RS485, wired Ethernet or 802.11 WiFi capability for ease of connectivity. WiFi security uses popular encryption such as WEP, WPA and WPA2 to insure secure radio connectivity.

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