When it comes to modernizing your commercial real estate, there’s health benefits in addition to energy and cost savings. Whether or not you provide a working environment that’s good for your employees’ well-being is for the International WELL Building Institute to decide.

How to meet their standards?

It’s not easy (given the 100 wellness features that need to be met), but it’s worth it – especially since high-quality buildings cost less and are worth more. To achieve this, buildings need to incorporate new technologies that allow for things like continuous fresh air and natural light.

Air and light are two of the 7 core components that the WELL standard addresses – the remaining five being water, nourishment, fitness, comfort and mind. While the certification program was only built 4 years ago, the standard has quickly drawn significant attention worldwide. This is in large part due to the unique demands of today’s millennial workforce.

Similar to LEED certified lighting, WELL is another way you can transform your building into a happy, healthy and energy efficient place to be. Interested in becoming WELL certified? Visit the official site for resources.

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